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MasterCard Securecode Question

I've been trying to make a purchase through newegg.ca for about 2 weeks now. Newegg keeps saying my credit card has been declined, but when I check with mastercard they say that the transaction is being declined on newegg's end because the mastercard securecode is blank.  No one I talk to at newegg seems to e...

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Set preferences for your online account. Log in to the Discover Account. www.discovercard.com login Examine your statements download declarations like envelopes, stamps, or checks. 
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Just to update my post, ended up trying 2-3 times more and just found it easier to use another issuer, one that doesn't have mastercard secure code yet, mbna, worked like a charm.
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I should have updated my post, it seems to have fixed itself. I didn't order anything for like a month, but when I tried again the issue was gone again. I'd try calling PC Financial, I use the same issuer and eventually someone saw it wasn't just me having problems with Newegg.
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Look through this thread and you will find the answer, if not, PM Wyldstallyn . He will be happy to help.
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I am reviving this thread since I have the same problem.  My issuer is pc financial.  Mastercard security department claims it's a problem with the newegg system.


- Purchase in mid december 2009 same card no securecode prompt everything goes trough fine

- Purchase a few days ago a prompt comes up, put my password (which I have used before on other site and it worked) and then it sends me a decline authorization.  I receive an email with a link where I can try again in case I made an error, on further trial the secure code window doesn't pop up


It's clear that's it a problem with the newegg system since on trial 2,3,... it should at least pop up the entry window for the securecode in case I mistyped it the first time.  As usual custom service rep is courteous but is not aware off current issues with the system and I have to come dig up the forums to see what's happening, but that's a topic for another thread...

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I have Securecode setup properly... up in this thread you can see that NewEgg found and fixed a problem with their site that wasn't calling up the Securecode prompt. It's been fine since. However, I recently put a purchase through, and the Securecode didn't prompt again... seems like the same problem, I could be wrong though.
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i dont use mastercard, so no pro for me, but if u doubt ur cc company somehow locked ur card, contact them first, and then contact newegg c/s (live chat is now open 24/7 hrs) for support. u can also send a PM to Dom-Dom. he is the egg staff here and would be glad to assist u. GL[:)]

To set up a SecureCode: www.mastercardsecurecode.com <META content=Word.Document name=ProgId> <META content="Microsoft Word 11" name=Generator> <META content="Microsoft Word 11" name=Originator> <STYLE> </STYLE>

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Just wanted to bump this up again... a recent order was declined again. I don't know for sure that it's the same reason, it could be that my CC company locked the card for some other reason. But has anyone else been having the problem with Securecode not showing up again? It didn't for me.
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WereTiger, I think you're saying that you couldn't get SecureCode setup on your card... many sites (both Canadian and US sites) require this. In actuality, it's usually the card processor the company uses that requires it, so it's probably not even up to NewEgg.

If it's just one order and you'd still like to use NewEgg without getting your SecureCode properly setup, you should be able to call NewEgg support and they can manually run your card's information.

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If you're having trouble setting up your identification for your card, you need to go to the company that sent you the card.. For me, it was my bank and somehow I ended up setting a password through the Visa website that was "too long" to go through my bank's website.. So even when I entered my password correctly, Visa accepted it but the bank rejected it..  It was REALLY annoying, but for me, I was still able to place orders and Visa said that there was nothing wrong with the account and I had the right password.. Took a long time for me to figure out, but eventually I just threw up my arms and told my bank to reset the password on the card..  Which took them a couple weeks, then I tried to turn the secure web ordering back on through the bank's website using the exact same password and it rejected my password because it was too long.. 

Created a different pin/password and then it worked perfectly.

These credit card security things are soooo broken... 

With my Visa card, NewEgg let me place orders without the verified by Visa, but other websites wouldn't take it.. It's so confusing how it redirects to a page set up by your bank instead of Visa's website..  And it's a real pain in the rear, but once you get it all straightened out, you should be fine..

 But usually I think the problem might not be Visa or mastercard, it's the company that sent you the card that's probably screwing up.

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