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need help buying gps...

im looking into buying a gps to replace the VZ navigator (verizon's phone gps). first off i was wondering if buying a gps is a one time shot or would i have to pay periodically for map updates? second if we have to pay for updates would it be cheaper than paying $50 a month to have navigator on 2 phones? third... ......

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Over the last few years GPS devices have advanced from handheld GPS devices to Smart Watch GPS devices. Most of these are highly accurate as good as our smartphones, however handheld gps devices like Garmin GPSMAP 64ST are much more accurate and receives signals from both GPS satellites and GLONASS satellites of Russia. You can find plenty of GPS related products at  www.rallyegps.com for various purposes like hiking, hunting, motorcycle GPS, Car GPS trackers and more. Read the Guides and select the best GPS device for your requirement.

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Since when is VZN "$50 for 2 phones"?   Even if you got 2 Blackberries and sub to VZN Global on both, thats $40/mo.   VZN is $10/mo, and if you have a regular phone (not a BB or WinMo)  there's a $3/day option you can use if you only need GPS very occasionally.   And if you do have a smartphone with a non-locked GPS and already pay for a data plan, you can use free options like Google maps or MS Live.   Even if built-in GPS is locked to work only with VZN (their standard trick), a $40-50 bluetooth GPS gadget will work very well. 

Of course, main pitfall of phone-based navigation is that it dies when you are outside primary coverage areas, and now and then data reception is kinda finicky - though for the most part its quite good on my VZ Moto Q9C .  

But frankly, it's kinda tough to beat the convenience of a dedicated GPS unit.   We got a Garmin nuvi 765T in our main car, I love it - not cheap though.   Map updates...  nah.   Roads, hospitals, gas stations and such for the most part tend to stay put - friend of mine has a never-updated nuvi that's 3+ years old, it's still spot-on.   If you are in an area that recession hit hard, lots of businesses in the POI db might be gone.   Since POI db usually lists phone numbers, might be a good idea to give them a call before driving there.

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I've tried several and the one I liked the least was Magellan.  Waited far too long to tell me about turns.  I have a Lowrance iWay500 that I like pretty well.  Updates are $75 which is needed every 12-24 mo.  Plays mp3's and has a nice big screen.  It runs on Navtec database which Google also uses.  If I went to another it would be a Garmin.  I would look into Tom Tom as they have improved greatly since I last went GPS shopping.  Lately though I've been able to get by fairly well w/ just the google mapping on my iPhone.  I know it's been a bit but hope this helps someone.
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Get a TomTom, they are great GPSs.. They even run Linux..

My TomTom has lane-by-lane guidance, text to speech, and can play music videos (with a 3rd party add-on).. So it doubles as a personal music video player or even a personal movie player if you buy a big enough SD card.    The TomTom learns how long it takes to drive from point A to point B at such-and-such hour of the day and then you get absolutely perfect predictons of how long it's going to take to get there the next time you go.. Not only that, but it will plot different routes based on what time of day it is because it will learn that certain routes are backed up with traffic.. Really, IQ routes is amazing..  Seriously, get a TomTom.. The maps aren't cheap, but you only need to update them once every couple  years.

There have been huge leaps in GPS technology recently (especially since they can communicate with your cell phone while it's still in your pocket via bluetooth)... If you go with a Brand-X GPS, I think you'll be really missing out..

Get a TomTom, Nuvi or a Magellon.

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Not a problem well maybe next time then.
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ok thanks for the info... although i dont hav the mony to buy the gps anymore because of unexpected expenses on my car... oh well...
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That really is not a good one stay with well known brands when it comes to GPS.
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what do you think of this


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OK maybe something like this then GARMIN nüvi 205 3.5" GPS Navigation with Voice Prompts 119.99

Maps Included Lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


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hmm... ok... im lookin for the most bang for buck so what would you recommend then?
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