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API for accessing newegg

Is there an API to access realtime data from newegg without scraping the site for each item? Anyone know? I asked CS and they just pointed me to a non-working affiliate program....

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If you have an android phone (or possibly a iOS device) there's the newegg mobile app which gets all of it's data via a JSON API. You'll just have to connect your phone to your local network and do a little TCP traffic sniffing to see where requests are being sent and their responses.

I'd post more here since I've reverse engineered most of the API but i'm not sure about newegg's stance on the whole "json api being used for anything other than it's mobile application" thing.

Up until I found it I was just doing what everyone else has been doing: scraping product lists from the website.

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Emailed the guy. Thx for the link. Any other examples?
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I only know there is one for storage.


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