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windows 7 rc to windows 7 oem?

I am running xp and windows 7 rc in a dual boot now and i am wondering if i can simply just upgrade the windows 7 rc or do i have to format that and the xp install and then install windows 7?...

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Darn well there goes that DL that I was planning [:P]

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Ya, as Microsoft's website said.. Windows 7 RC was for testing purposes only and not meant to be an OS on which people store important files..  Also, rumors have it that the Windows 7 RC is crippled in some ways so that pirates would have more difficulty taking the good bits from the retail copy of Windows 7 and then mixing it in with the Release Candidate of Windows 7 to create an illegally distributable copy of Windows 7.. In other words, to avoid another "frankenVista" (as labeled by a Microsoft Development Leader) they don't allow any paths from Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 Retail and vice-versa for anti-piracy reasons..
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If you have a partition with Windows 7 on it you will just have to format that part of the drive and install the OEM version of Windows 7. It will not upgrade from RC.

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