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GPS for gift for mom

My mother's birthday is coming up, and I've been looking at getting a GPS for her. I don't know what to and not to look for, but I'm fairly sure it should have a car charger and work while plugged in. Most of her travel is local through backroads, so she'd want something that let's her plan the route, or will reco......

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To choose the best GPS for car you can follow the title below:

  • Screen Size 
  • Processor Speed
  • Interface 
  • Voice Command
  • Real-Time Traffic
  • Map Availability

List car GPS you should buy:

Garmin Nuvi 2797LMT

Garmin Nuvi 2557LMT 5-Inch

TomTom VIA 1535TM 5-Inch Bluetooth

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Resistive screens are okay as long as you have a stylus or use your fingernails/car keys.
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From what I saw in reviews, it seemed that because refub are out of date, that there is a free map upgrade for 30 days so that it can be updated to the current when it is purchased.


 What is a resistive screen? Does the GARMIN nüvi 255 have that or the fixed one?

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My  0.02:

Refurb is generally as good as new, except for one thing:   When you get a new unit, you are eligible for one free map update (about $60-$80 value), and you get no such option on a refurb (which might be 2-3 years old already)    Now the real reason to update maps is points of interest - as roads don't move about much.   If you have a specific address, even a 5-6 year old map will get you there.  

Some points considering a GPS:

1.  Screen size and touch:  you might be tempted to get a wider screen, but consider this:   GPS always displays you at mid-bottom of screen, and your immediate route ahead is on the vertical up the screen middle.   Which means extra width is pretty much useless.   But wide screen is fairly standard on most better units.   As to touch:  most older models use resistive screen, which I find horrible.   On our $300+  Garmin 765, typing lots of text is a chore - even after calibration.  The new Garmin 3700 series features multitouch capacitive screen.   I did not get to play with  one yet, but if it is comparable to the screen on my Droid,  it is a major improvement. 

2.  Navigation itself is fine on pretty much all modern units.  Given a specific address, they all will take you there properly.   But at least on our Garmin, the point of interest search sucks.   Real slow, and trying to look up something 100 miles away when there are many similar named locations closer than that - just doesn't work.  Then again, I am spoiled by Google Maps.   My Droid phone is a 10x better GPS than a dedicated GPS.

3.  Then comes the realm of extra features.   Traffic updates, Bluetooth, MP3, photo gallery, yadda yadda.   I find FM traffic VERY unreliable.   MS Live might be better, but I did not try it yet.   FM traffic gets traffic only for major highways, so your GPS might decide to route you throgh local streets which have traffic lights and might be also clogged - but GPS simply gets no info on those.   I ended up turning off the 'route around traffic' feature completely.  Bluetooth, I find more a nuisance than convenience.   I prefer a headset.   If you use bluetooth on GPS and someone calls while you rely on voice prompts for navigating....   you get the idea.    Using MP3 for media (music/photo)...   some might do it, but chances are if you have a digital music collection,you already have a device to have it on the go - like your phone or an iPod.   

What I do really like on my Garmin is lane assist - a very nice feature.

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Thank you very much, Products!


What do you guys think about this or this ?

I also noticed that NewEgg has a decent selection of refurbished, is there any reason I should be wary of those?


EDIT: decided on http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16858108367

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Most newer gps's don't tell you to do u-turns anymore, they just recalculate a new route to get you back on track, however if a u-turn is the best option, it will tell you to.  You would want one that has text to speech, traffic monitoring is a plus, but not really needed (most of the time you have to pay a yearly subscrition), I know some garmins allow you to add a via point which can basically be used to edit a route, but I dont know about exactly editing the route.
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You can get the Magellan SE4 for $89 at BestBuy; It's a good buy.

4.3" widescreen, text-to-speech, etc.


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How sweet!!  I wish I knew / could help but we don't really drive around here.  I found some info that may be useful though. I didn't see anything bout U turns and stuff. but you may find some info if you read user reviews of recommended GPS systems. Don't 2 lane streets show up on GPS navigation systems? At least ones on cars I have rented showed 2 lane streets though they may be less likely to be used in mapping a route from point A to point B. But if you start out on a 2 lane street, it has got to show your current location. So, I guess she can zoom in and out to make sure she's not completely going toward a wrong direction as she gets off a major road and remap her route after she's been on 2 lane streets for a while?  I bet all of them have the tendency to direct you to major highways though..So she'll have to remap when she's far away from those highways.  

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