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Advice on new build.

Hey everyone just wondering if I could get some helpful advice on this new build, I am off to programming college soon and needed to throw together a new build. I will also be using this build for gaming of coarse, but any advice would be welcome and I thank you for your help.P.S. My budget is about $2500 http://s......

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Yeah I was thinking about getting the 470s for sli but I figured I would just go with the 460's for now then when the new series 485 or 490 whichever they go with comes out if they fix the heat/noise problems the 480s had I would buy those.

On the topic of the hard drives I will definitely look into that.

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If I were you, I would go for SLIed 470s. You have room in the budget, especially if you use combo deals. This would allow you to better utilize those 1000 watts you are paying an extra $100 for. 

Also, I would get two or three of the Samsung F3 1TB drives and configure them in RAID 0 instead of the two WD Blacks and the SSD, since most people have been able to get near-SSD read and write speeds out of them.



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I was actually planning on getting the extreme version of the board, it has a lot of room for expansion when the time is needed and has great overclocking features.

also am planning on getting the 1000 watt for same reason, again it just leaves room for expansion if I ever needed to.

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Just noticed that one of the combos I linked isn't the "extreme" versions of the Rampage III.  You may want to compare the two and see if you actually need the extra features.

edit: also, I don't think you need a 1000W PSU for that system.  Even overclocked 850W should be plenty. 

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Yeah I actually forgot to check out the combo deals, thank you for linking them though that is very helpful.
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It all looks compatible.  If you are buying from Newegg you should look into the combos though, they can save you a lot of money.  For example:




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