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Modern games verses real games.

Just a warning in advance. This is a rant. I will not hold back. I will say things that some of you reading this will find offensive. I am sorry if you are offended, but that does not change my opinions.Games. They have existed from the time someone thought they could throw a stone farther or with more accuracy th......

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Modern games are nowadays focused on things that people love. Let's talk about the online multiplayer games like Fortnite or PUBG which are currently rocking the gaming market. Both of these are based on battle royale. People want to fight with each other and want to win the game.

If we talk about good old days, people wanted to play something like Mario because they were just bored of playing black and white games. Then Mario came into the market and it just boomed the market very nicely because they were able to provide what people wanted to play.

In 2018, PUBG is the game which satisfies the people's needs. This means that PUBG gives what people want to play. Back around in 2011 to 2013 people loved Skyrim and there are tons of games giving similar gaming concept like Skyrim. It' because it was its own kind of open world simulation game.

So, it's not old games vs new game. It's what people want to play.

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There's just no demand for trackball-controllers. That would be a pretty neat mod project though.
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I think most people who would be willing to buy little bit pieces to attach to one another are already so into electronics they probably just go get strippers, a hack saw, electrical tape an iron and some rosin and go at it [:P]

Instructables.com is pretty much loaded with that type of stuff.

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Sorry everyone, I somehow cut out every last post from "My Discussions" here and have occasionally forgotten about threads I was a part of for months.

So I guess I should slap the snot out of myself and get this thread going again.


Alright. I have been thinking of making a new thread about this for a while. Maybe I can revive this one while I hammer out the details since some of it fits the subject.

Why can I not buy a controller of any brand I want, that may have nothing more than the physical framework for the wired or wireless input device?

Why can I not decide to have a thumbstick with a float for an extra axis of control? There is not enough bandwidth in the ultra-low latency packets to send another axis.

Why can I not replace a thumbstick with an optical trackball to fit in the same spot?

Why do you have to buy special hardware to use your custom controller with the other devices you own? Did they design their product living under a rock? Surely they knew you would want to use your own controller?

We need a real Open Sourced and REALISTICALLY Supported Universal Input Device Standard. But OSRSUIDS looks dumb. [rofl]

I have one trackball open to me in the world as far as I can tell. I do not want a controller, but I suppose it would ease many things. But for fine controls like aiming in a PC shooter, you simply need a mouse or trackball. Thumbsticks are like firing at a wall near your enemy so they know you are there before you snipe them. I simply cannot get enough accuracy with them while still having the ability to turn around without sitting down to wait on the controller to finally turn me.

Trackballs take a relatively low resolution mouse sensor and invert it. Then they put a gigantic ball on top that you roll around on the sensor without ever needing to move your wrist. Because they can achieve so much accuracy with such low resolution sensors in trackballs, they could achieve unparalleled performance with nice quality high resolution sensors.

Why can I not buy a keyboard to put Under my desk to use with my feet? Cleanliness issues aside, there should be a means. And anyone who thinks anything less can go spend some time in a Hospital and ask amputees about their typing experience. I am sure they are not pleased with their input options either.

We can project a laser illuminated keyboard on any flat surface to use as a keyboard, but I cannot use a trackball with high resolution?

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yea this post is old and yea my grammar sucks but i just want to add a few things

I agree with you and i dont i know you said "Dont get me wrong i like graphical games" but why cant there be both? indepth and graphical with voice acting, you know why? because publishers want money so...they build up hype for the gamers telling them how amazing the game will be and then shoot it out at the end of the year and everyone runs out and buys it and finds out its a pile of crap.

Im an RPG gamer i like fps but i tend to stick with the medieval rpg because i like the era of time but i cant play a game anymore without a graphical Interface idk i guess im spoiled on the few good games ive played that have it.

Immersion into a game is different to each person some people find the graphics immersive some the gameplay and concept i on the other hand MUST HAVE A STORYLINE i cant stand it when im trying to get into a game and the story is so bleak and barely existent it throws me out instantly. like say MMORPGS? cant stand them im an old school JRPG player and the final fantasy series (up to ff9) was by far a favorite of mine but then they sold out and made an mmo and not making console rpgs anymore.

on the controller subject i love using a controller and if a developer can input native controller support (without f'ing the game up) it just makes the game that much better to me because i like to sit back on my bed and play my games on my 32 inch lcd tv, thats kinda hard to do with mouse and keyboard and still be comfortable but games that require mouse and keyboard are still awesome. Its just different strokes for different folks.


In conclusion i wanted to list a few games that i liked for you that some are both graphical and indepth, some have native controller support, some are console games, and some just plain old school but all were very good games to me. im not going to list reviews just check them out if you want and see what you think

The witcher 2 (being my most recent favorite and is all of the above)

Dragon age origins

The elder scrolls series

Legend of dragoon (ps1)

Final Fantasy series (up until 9)

7th Saga (Snes)

Legend of mana (Snes)

The legend of zelda series

Lufia (Snes)

Gothic 3 (With community patch)

Fable series



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Gothic 3. Some say it is a terrible game and the developers should be beaten to death for making something so bad in an excellent series.

But once you install it and the 1.74 Community patch it becomes something marvelous. It is really quite nice. 

There is no need for the disc to sit in the drive, nor need to use an illicit no-dvd crack. The community patch handles all that and entirely removes the DRM. (And yes, this IS LEGAL. The developers allowed this and this is well documented in the changelog for the community patch.)

The game is stable and beautiful.  It has a massive world for you to explore filled with friends and foes and monsters all over the place. And you can do whatever you want. Even just go on a killing-spree. When you do this, you will ruin some of the RPG elements and obviously negate many quests you could have completed for a variety of benefits.

If you want my advice, do not pick sides at first. Just explore. Wander and kill monsters away from the towns. Gather herbs and loot. Try to get a handle on what this new world is and what side you want to be on. And what side you want to destroy. This is not a game where you can only have one side. But you will never entirely master any faction or skillset without making and keeping some friends.

You can side with the Orcs and keep most humans enslaved. The Orcs respect strength. If you can defend yourself well they believe you *Are* free. If you are weak or give in easily then you are a slave. This is sometimes difficult to understand, and each faction has it's own rules and restrictions as well as it's own benefits. Most factions generally view all other factions as enemies. But this is not an absolute. This game requires you to think to understand the intricacies of the various factions.

I generally start with the Rebel faction, directly opposing the Orcs. But I have to build some faction points with the Hashishan and some others too. Once you understand the faction system you will know what you can do and what you can not to gain whatever you desire. Although some quests are really tricks to get you to betray your friends. I will not spoil the well though-out ideas they have though.

My suggestion to those new to the series is this: Start a new game on easy with the Alternative AI turned On as well as the Alternative Balancing On. Then play a few hours until you run into a situation where you messed up your factions too badly because you did not understand it, then start over.

This new game will allow you to try to avoid the mistakes you may have made the first time.

(A tip for those who are lame like me, Save the game before picking any lock. If you fail, reload and try again.)

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Well.... I found out how to get Gothic 2 Gold to work. Use GRUB and any partition tool to make a new partition and set it in the GRUB menu for an install of Windows XP SP3. There is simply no way to get that game to work in Windows 7 x64. Not with modern hardware at least.

I tried everything short of installing Wine for Windows. (Yes it really does exist) I tried using all the things we should not mention here. *Alternative* executables, faked CD images. Everything.

Nothing ever managed to get it to start at all. I even thought I would try the horrible and entirely hopeless method of just letting it run forever. It runs with one core at 100% all the time. It switches cores as you go, like most if not all single threaded applications. I let it run for about forty minutes. Then it crashed. It never once managed to even make a window for itself, much less fill some memory that would show that it was doing something.

So the only way left that I know has some hope is to install XP SP3 and try it in the environment it should know and love.


On a positive note, Gothic 3 installed and played perfectly. I used the community patch. I then tried to figure out what version of the Questpaket Mod to use. (I tested Questpaket 4, update two.) and then what version of the Content Mod to use. (I tried 2.2 international.) But sadly, I dislike having mixed english and dutch voice-acting in a game, so I uninstalled it all and will just stick with Gothic 3 with the Community Patch 1.74 International alone.

If anyone happens to know what if anything I can do to achieve this lofty goal of having english voice acting preserved but all the other benefits and improvements of those mods I am happy to hear the steps to follow. It just ruins the ambiance of such an immersive game when I have only a vague idea what is going on because I was too lazy to learn dutch. :)

I should just put "I know I am going off topic and will shut up now." in my signature. :)

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Just Cause 2 IS a great game. I too like the ability to play in a huge sandbox world that you can lay waste to at will.

It is quite worthy of mention Penewab2007. And it is modern enough that most people are familiar with it.

There are just too many pickups. It seems to distract from the crazy combat that makes the game great. But they are entirely optional too. So that balances things fairly well.

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At first I thought the subject was games way indepth than I have played, always been FPS here, but seeing FC and BF42 included, I sorta got plug JC2. The land mass is expansive, and one can do just about anything to get the job done. weapons, grapple, boats, planes, autos. The % of total mayhem is seemingly endless. Does get a little repititous, but only if one allows it too. Finding every pick up for each area and village is the challenge imho. The missions are sort of goofy, but overall, it's got a different pizzazz it it. But then again, this is coming from a dedicated Painkiller lover, every single one of them! lol.

IDK, others may disagree, but I like JC2 alot.


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I am installing both Gothic II Gold, and Gothic III with the Community Patch to verify they can be made to work in Windows 7 x64 with a modern system.

I will edit this to provide the details of that as well as some tips if I find any for getting it running to it's best.

*Edit* I have been having boatloads of trouble trying (unsuccessfully) to get Gothic 2 Gold to run at all on Windows 7 x64. I have a few tricks left to try, but it may be much easier to repartition and use GRUB to enable a nice XP SP3 install for the game.

I could give details of what I have tried, but that would take hours of typing and would be several pages of mostly useless information. I will post again when I either manage to get it working in a reproducible way for Windows 7 x64 or when I entirely give up.

By the way. A big expletive for Jowood's fine forums. They literally blame everything but the phase of the moon. The Gothic series is great, but my blacklist is coming to mind for this mess. (I know it is not their fault that it does not work perfectly in Windows 7 x64, but their help is so far beyond worthless....)

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