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Video Card Gaming Performance Hierarchy Chart

[Best viewed with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser]   Well, I've been seeing quite a few posts here and there that asks the same question, should I upgrade my videocard? and if so, how much of an upgrade would I receive or if I would even gain any performance boost at al......

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Haha, that's true! If we began to focus on a few frame differerences, it'd be a ranking than a hierarchy chart. [:p]

And yeah, it totally makes sense to eliminate low res like 1280.  At least 1680 x 1050, ideally 1920 x 1080. [egypt]

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well.. i cant just simply kick the gtx470 down a rank, else it will throw off the balance equivalency it has with amd/ati cards making it untrue.

the reason why i kept it where it is, is that yeah, the gtx650ti is a tough competitor from out of nowhere but at higher resolutions of 1920x1080 or higher, it starts to crumble big time, averaging around the hd6850. from almost every single benchmark, the hd6870 sits comfortably above it in terms of fps. i no longer use resolutions 1680x1050 or lower as a reasonable bench, since just about every single card released these days have a minimum of 1GB of vram, so that isn't an issue. only upper resolutions to "truly" test the card for what it's worth.


but thinks are subject to change if new benchies release after driver updates.



but as you said, i do feel a new bracket rank(not tier) should be made somewhere along the regions of the current placement of gtx470 and gtx460 although i haven't thought it out yet.. i need to look at a few more benchies to justify that. but i also dont want to lose sight of the fact that, although the bar graph charts seem like there is a reasonable gap between the cards, they are still only literally 1-3 frame difference from each other lol

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Indeed!!!!!  [punch]

Do you think we should kick the GTX 470 down to the same level as the GTX 650 Ti?  And create yet another rank for those two cards?

I mean this is not a gaming benchmark but according to the bottom graph of NVidia's relative strength, the GTX 470 is very similar to the GTX 650 Ti, a lil lower than the GTX 650 Ti, yet on our chart, it's two tiers higher than the GTX 470. [:o]  But then according to the Nvidia relative power graph, the GTX 470, GTX 560 and GTX 650 Ti are pretty much about the same.

This is getting very confusing, haha. 

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nvidia is starting to boggle my mind... lol


anyways, updated. thanks products XD

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The GTX 650 Ti is below GTX 560, above Radeon 6850 lol

TomsHardware [Batman, BF3, Crysis 2, Dirt, Max Payne 3, Metro, Skyrim, & WoW]



 More benches





I think they are gonna release GTX 660 SE which is like the GTX 560 Ti later to fill the gap between the GTX 650 Ti and GTX 660, just my guess.

Source: Nvidia.com

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After reviewing benchies, I've decided to fit it between the GTX550ti and GTS450 for the time being. Will bump it up/down after some further reviews in the future.
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