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Consider offering direct USPS shipping

Please re-evaluate offering 100% USPS as a shipping option -- instead of, or in addition to, the EggSaver DHL/USPS and UPS/USPS combos.1.  These days, EggSaver is often not free.  I was ordering a single SODIMM, and for the items meeting my specs, EggSaver ranged between $0.99 and $2.99 (for sticks that ......

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But You can track real time dlivery and date updates using USPS Tracking number on official website itself.Direct Shipping points were good but eggsaver might waste our time.
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I love Newegg's site, but because of this issue, research is done here, and the purchase 90% of the time is through Amazon.  Newegg won't ship by USPS to AK, HI, and PR.  USPS is by far the best Business to Residential shipper for AK, HI, and PR for speed, price, and dependability.  No question about it. Not to mention the USPS superiority for people that prefer the security of delivery to a PO Box over the leave it on the porch in the snow and/or rain service the other carriers offer.

 I've complained about this for enough years to know that this won't change until whoever got beat up as a child by the mailman's kid retires. :) But thanks for the great site anyway.  Once in a great while Newegg has a good enough deal to overcome the $20 to $100 per order handicap that not offering USPS to AK, HI, and PR costs over the competition.  Till next year, again thanks for the great research service. :)


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Couldn't agree more, I'm facing the same problem, My order (4 sticks of RAM) was shipped on May 2nd, took 2 days for my order to arrive from NY to Jax FL (where I live) via UPS and it's been sitting there since then, and now on their website it says it will arrive to my apartment on May 9th .. That gives it a total of 5 to 6 days sitting in some facility right next to my apartment ... just waiting for USPS to get their move on … I hate this method of shipping, either offer a complete USPS or just stick to UPS ground service. This new UPS-MI Mail System deal is very inefficient.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

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Most likely they have a deal with carriers that has to be satisfied in order to get good rates on bigger items.  I agree, it would be cheaper and more convenient for consumers of small, lightweight items to use the post office.
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Yeah, I've actually wondered why Newegg doesn't consider using USPS for smaller things that could just go by first class mail with a tracking number.

After all, eBay sellers do it all the time!

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