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The Faces of EggXpert

  • Hi my name Dmitry, i ISV developer from Russia.

    This video is my family. My son (he installed the camera) and my wife.:


    In the video, I say: - This is my family.

  • I Resurrected this entire forum........................... Lets see those mugs!!!!!!!!!!

  • holy cr4p bro,, that deer cam I set up in ur backyard has caught a pic of a terrorist, don't worry tho bro, I e-mailed it to homeland security for ya, they e-mailed me back, look for strange cars out there ,Wink

  • i am a bot programmed to write Xpert reviews. i do not have a body to photograph.

    but i do have friends:

  • thank you!

  • How can one become an EggXpert reviewer? I have made many posts of product reviews. How can one best get on the list!?

  • Been a eggxpert for quite some time but never showed the mug. Here be me:

  • Woh.