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nVidia 1080 TI enough or need new build?

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I have a gaming pc that built in 2012 -- I realize it's getting on 5 years old now.

It has:

1) 16 GB Ram (DDR3 1866 SDRAM)
2) Intel Core i7-2600k (3.4GHZ - 3.8Ghz Turbo boost / LGA 1155) CPU
3) Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 motherboard
4) AMD 7870 Video Card

Now I realize that the real bottleneck is the AMD 7870 video card.

But if I buy one of the new 1080 Ti's, are the rest of the specs fine to utilize all of it (and play in full 1440 @ 60z or even 4k @ 60hz)? My main concern is if the CPU & Motherboard can handle it?

Would you guys recommend just a video card upgrade or build a new machine?

Thank you!

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  • If you want to game in 4K I assume you bought a new monitor that is 4K already or is that something you are thinking about adding?  I only ask because if you have enough money to get one of those you probably have enough money to get a current generation PC CPU and MOBO.  

    That said I game on a i7-4770K with 16 GB of 1866 and a 1070

    I currently play all games on max or near max with as much AA as I can do as my screen is a older 1080p screen.  I say give it a try and if you find the CPU is holding you back to much then spend the extra 800 or so.

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  •  Discussion relevant to this point.

    General consensus over there - the 2600k won't really bottleneck you in games where moving up to a GTX1080 or 1080ti will help you.  Games tend to be CPU heavy or GPU heavy.  If the GPU is limiting the game, then as long as you have a solid enough CPU, you should see signficant improvements.  If the CPU is limiting the game, then a GPU's impact will be more limited.

    That being said - you can also buy the 1080ti now and build a new machine later and move the 1080ti over to the new machine.

    The question really becomes is it better to buy a 1060 or something like that (or even a 1070) and put the rest of the cost of a 1080ti into a new CPU/MB/RAM/OS...

    Dunno - But a 1070 should handle 1440p, a 1080ti for 1440p is probably overkill.

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