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Ryzen V Kaby Lake Build - Which way to go? Please Assist

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What do you guys and gals recommend?

Kaby Lake -

Ryzen -

I'll need a new case but I currently have a GTX 960 and an ssd for boot with two HDD's for storage and running apps. 

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  • It really depends on what the PC will be used for.

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  • I will be editing videos and gaming.

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  • Both your builds are all over the place. I would get the i7 for sure. Better gaming performance not quite as good of editing performance depending on how large the files are. Add a SSD for your operating system and programs.

    That GTX 960 is really going to struggle gaming with that monitor. I would replace that with nothing less than a GTX 1060 6GB card. Their a big difference in performance.

    Also never buy a low quality power supply.

    A good bit overkill on the power supply but good quality and will allow for a bunch of upgrades.

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