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RAM Question: 128GB ecc or not?

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I am currently in need of more ram, audio production, so I need to upgrade my x99 xeon build to 128gb of ram. As I am looking through what is available, how important is it to be using ecc ram? From doing some maths, I will be loading, on average, about 90-116gB of ram based on my software. If I am able to get away by not using ecc ram, that would save me a lot of money.

Either way, upgrading my ram is cheaper than throwing an additional computer into my setup.


This computer will be running at full load 6-12 hours a day. This  is how my schedule has been rolling the past few months.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Also, is there any significant downside to using 4x32 vs 8x16 sticks? I am using a asus x99workstation3.1 board. I have found some ecc modules 4x32 that are not drastically more expensive than the non-ecc stuff.

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  • If your MB supports both sticks combination (4x32GB vs 8x16GB), go with whichever is cheaper but keep in mind when all your memory slots are full (8x16) you can't add any more.

    On systems that are used to perform important tasks (workstations, servers, hosts for VMs) using ECC memory is important, to make sure there is no data corruption.

    Working with a very large quantity of data, using a lot of RAM, can lead to having tiny errors / bits changed from time to time. These tiny errors would be caught and corrected if using ECC memory.

    How important is that for you? The absolute integrity of your audio files? What happens if a bit or some bits are randomly changed?

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  • Unless this is a high I/O database or application server, ECC isn't justified.

    Also I always go for higher density DIMMS in case more memory is required later.

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