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Guide to Mixing RAM

  •    Here is the trick to buying RAM when you can't find any RAM that is Identical to your current RAM (RAM with Identical Voltages, Latencies, and Speed is always best)

       First you need to Identify your current RAM.  If your purchase was from Newegg your in luck, just go on the site, scroll to the bottom, click "order history" under the "My account" section and select "show all" in the drop down if your purchase was a while ago.  find the RAM you bought, go to its page, it the specs tab it will tell you the needed info.

       Or you can use a program cpuid will do it for you, free. Open it, click the "Memory" tab and it will tell you the frequency (multiply this number by 2 since it is dual data rate ram) and it will also tell you the Latencies. Write them down. Next you will have to go into the BIOS of your PC to see what the RAM is running for Voltage If it is set at "AUTO" DDR2 will be 1.8v and DDR3 is 1.5v. if it is not set to auto, then record the voltage. (every BIOS is different so i can't guide you through that, consult your manual if needed)

       OK, now you know what your looking for. Now on to the most important aspect of the RAM you will need to look at he voltage of what you are to buy. If you have RAM with a Voltage of 1.5v and you buy some that needs 1.8v that will be a problem, as RAM that needs 1.8v might not run at 1.5v, and RAM that runs at 1.5v will burn out if you run it at 1.8v. So you HAVE to have the same voltages, you CAN NOT set the voltage for each stick in the BIOS, the voltage setting for the RAM is for ALL the sticks.

       On to speed (MHz)............. The lowest speed RAM in your MB will be the speed you have to run all the RAM at.  Lower clocking RAM will likely not be able to Overclock to the higher clock speeds of the new ram.

       Even the latencies will play a part in this adventure, a bit backwards looking from the speed, you'll want them to be close as well. The lower the Latencies are, the faster the RAM is, so if your new RAM has higher latencies than the old RAM, you will have to raise the Latencies in the BIOS to match those of the new RAM, or you may have instabilities. (again you will have to consult your manual on how)


       The last, yet Obvious factor is the n00b factor. If you have DDR2 ram, you can not run DDR3. I twill not physically fit in the MB slots. If you have a MB with both DDR2 and DDR3 slots, you still can't use both, because the MB will only be able to use one, or the other, not both.

       Finally, if you wish your MB's slots to be filled with glorious RAM, you must follow the certainties of probability. Most Main Boards can not fill all the RAM slots without all the RAM being at the stated "default" voltages, latencies, and MHz designated by the DDR or DDR2 or DDR3 ratings of the main board.

    I will update this post later with all the default values.

    And remember the cheapest RAM is never worth it, you get what you pay for in a way, yet remember, pricey RAM usually comes with a cost of user Knowledge, you HAVE to know how to use it...................



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  • Hello,

    I bought Lenovo T420 4177Q5U model. It has this memory installed that I cant find anywhere to buy. Before I had another Lenovo laptop and it had samsung installed that I was able to find easily. Please help anyone with current issue.

    Nanya Technology  NT4GC64B8HG0NS-CG DDR3 1333 SD RAM

    BIOS Version/Date    LENOVO 83ET69WW (1.39 ), 3/26/2012
    INTEL QM67

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  • Hello I'm going to buy a new motherboard ( P9X79 PRO ) and I will use my actual memory ( KHX12800D3K2/4G ) with a new one KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX.

     Can I do that ?

     Thanks in advance

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  • With that CPU you really want RAM that runs at 1.5 volts, 1.65 volt RAM can harm the CPU. Time for all new RAM.


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  • Two part answer: This works/w Gigabyte motherboards. I can't say it will work/w yours.

    The manufacturer has a web site which gives the ram which is compatible. They do not buy samples of every brand of RAM made. So the ones they recommend are the ones they have actually tried. It doesn't necessarily mean another brand won't work. I have Gskills Sniper series on my Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 and that is not on their list as compatible.

    Furthermore I didn't purchase all four cards at the same time. I bought them in pairs(2x4) at a time. So I now have

    16GB total and they are not a "set" that was tested before leaving the factory.

    Personal experience says any brand will work as long as it's the same DDR3 1333 SD RAM  and the same volts

    which should be 1.5 on DDR3.

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