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Suggest me a program to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 7

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I made my mind to purchase an new iPhone 7 to replace my current phone (Galaxy S5). I am new to iOS and don't want to lots my contacts during the switch.  Most of the online tutorials suggest using Gmail for contacts sync but unfortunately I didn't have an Google account. Please recommend a program or app to help me transfer Galaxy S5 data to iPhone 7.

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  • Did you have a Google gmail account?

    This is done from the iPhone, and will transfer the contacts from Google to the iPhone:

    Open “Settings” then go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and choose “Add Account”

    Select “Other” and look under “Contacts” to choose “Add CardDav Account”

    Enter the following details into the fields, then tap “Next”


    User Name:

    Password: your password

    Syncing starts immediately, exit out of Settings and launch the “Contacts” app to check on the progress, the entire process may take a while for large address books.

    if it doesn't work with you, maybe Mobiledic phone transfer program could help you transfer contacts and other data like messages, photos from Android to iPhone 7 or 7 plus.

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  • No, I don't use Gmail at all. thanks

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  • okay, if didn't use Gmail, i would recommend you using Mobiledic Phone transfer application to sync contacts between Android and iPhone, what you need: a computer, two USB cable and phone transfer.

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  • Move your contacts to your sim card. Insert sim card in to your iPhone 7 or sync your contacts with gmail and then restore to in your iPhone.

    Third party solution with Phone Transfer:

    Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone


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  • To transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 7, you can use gmail account or Phone Transfer tool.

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  • Samsung Transfer makes it easy to transfer contacts, photos, messages and more between two mobile phone.  It allows you to transfer data like messages, contacts, photos,music, video, etc between iOS & Android devices.

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  • i would like to suggest you a Phone transfertool, which supports data transfer from ios devices to android phones on pc or Mac computer, you can select the data you need, and view them on pc clearly, have a look at this , you can also transfer other data such like text messages, photos with it.

    Transfer contacts from android to iphone.
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  • To transfer contacts from android to iphone, you can use a mobile transfer app to help, you should connect iphone and samsung to computer at the same time and you need to make sure the android in the source position while the iPhone is displayed in the destination position.

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  • I would like to suggest you can try android recovery tools , which can help you transfer contacts from android to iPhone with a few steps , at the same time , it can keep your phone device and data safety after the transfer program is completed ,  the entire program will be finished just need 3 steps , 1.Connect your two phone to computer ,2.Turn on the transfer tools on the computer ,3Select and start to transfer contacts ,


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  • I've been using Move to iOS until I found a better alternative in Google Play. The old version of this Phone Transfer was not very impressive. But they released a brand new version not long ago. And now it is really amazing. I use it to transfer photos, music and more with a very fast speed. The connection is also very convenient.

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  • Maybe you can try Mobiletrans, it can do it in an easy way. You can download a FREE version and have a try first. By three steps, data transfer phone to phone complete. 

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  • Hi,

    Here are the following steps that I used to transfer my contacts from my android phone to my iPhone 5S:

    1. Go to contact and export your address book to the android device

    2. Connect your phone to your computer and copy the .vcf file on it

    3. Create a new e-mail and send the e-mail to the address that it is configured on your iPhone device

    4. Attach the .vcf file and send the e-mail

    5. Go to your iPhone and look for that e-mail

    6. Once you found it, open the attachment and upload the contact to your address book

    And if you want to transfer other files like video you must convert them to the right format first with some kind of converter like video enhancement software.

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