EggXpert Community Chat is NOT a tech support chat room.

EggXpert Community Chat is member-supported. The chat room is a place for EggXpert participants to hang out and interact, and is moderated by volunteer EggXpert community members; there are no full-time Newegg or EggXpert staff members in the chat room.

  • Follow the Chat Room Rules.
  • As a general rule, try to keep topics of discussion PG-rated at all times.
  • Chat Room Moderators are not Newegg or EggXpert employees, and cannot answer order-related questions. Please contact Newegg Customer Service for questions about Newegg orders.
  • If you want to discuss a PC build, create a Public Wish List first (note: not a private wish list!), or post your build in the Computer Building Forum. Share the link -- don't spam chat with a full copy/paste of your shopping cart.
  • Chat Room Moderators and other chat participants are not obligated to provide answers to tech support questions, and can remove you from chat if they deem that you are trolling/soft-trolling, or being disruptive, obtuse, impatient, demanding, abusive or hostile.
  • This is not a Tech Support chat room, but Tech Support topics are sometimes discussed. Please be patient if you happen to get tech help from other participants; remember that your fellow community members are providing their assistance free of charge.


 (If you're having issues accessing/viewing the chat, please use THIS alternate URL)