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Registration & Login

Why do I need to register?

Becoming a registered user will give you access to the many different aspects of such as setting your own avatar and profile, posting in the forums and starting discussions, emailing users, sending private messages or viewing private forums. It only takes a few seconds to register, and it is recommended you do so.

How do I register?

To create an account, click the "Join" link at the top right hand corner of the website. There's also a registration link on the homepage. You will need to give a few details, such as your login name and email address. Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address with a temporary password. You must provide a valid email address in order to confirm your new account registration and obtain your temporary password.

I have a username and password. How do I login?

After you have registered a username and password, you can "Sign In" via the link at the top right hand corner of

I already logged in. Why am I logged off automatically?

When signing on, click the checkbox for the option to automatically sign you in with your next visit. Otherwise, if you exit the site, you must log in to your account on every new visit. 

I forgot my username and/or password!

If you forget your username and/or password, go to the login page and use the forgotten password link. Both your username and a new password will be sent to the email account you're registered with. Once you receive your username and password, we highly recommend logging in to your profile to change the password.

What if I’ve registered but still can't login?

Make sure you have the correct username and password. If you're sure the username and password are right, you might need an account activation. If this happens, please email

I’ve logged in before, but now it won't let me.

Make sure your username and password are correct. If you still can’t login, please email

User Profile & Settings

What is a profile?

Your profile is your account information. You can find posts you’ve written, choose to share some personal info, set signatures and even control how you view the forum.

Why should I set my time zone?

Setting your timezone will makes display all dates and times relative to your own time zone.

How do I add a signature to my posts?

A signature is a personal tag attached to the end of any post you make in the forums. It can have your computer specs, a picture or even link to your private website. You can edit the signature in your profile page. 

What is an avatar?

An avatar is the image that represents you on the forum. It lets others identify your posts right away with a recognizable and unique image.

How do I set my avatar?

Avatars can be customized in your profile. You can upload an image from your computer or link to a picture's URL. Then enable your avatar, and it'll be displayed with all your posts.

How do I set the date format?

The date format is configured in your profile.

How do I turn off email-tracking?

Email tracking allows to send you emails when a forum or thread that you are subscribed to changes or is updated. You can turn off all email tracking from your profile.

What are the other icons/avatars that show up next to users?

The most common icon you will see is a small image of two people; it is present only when the user is currently online. Other examples are the badges indicating an administrator, moderator or top posters. 

Why do I need to login before posting, viewing members or emailing other users?

Depending on how a specific part of the site is configured, you might need to log in before viewing these areas. This is primarily to protect the privacy of users who have shared their information and to prevent unwanted/unsolicited emails. Also, anonymous posting is not allowed - you have to register with EggXpert before starting or joining a discussion.

Privacy & Security

How do I change my password?

After logging in, in you can change your password from your profile page.

How do I change my username?

Currently, once you register, you can no longer change a username. It'll only be modified if it's against our naming rules.

How do I change my email address?

Once logged in, you can change your private email address from your profile page.

What profile settings are required?

The only profile setting you need is your private email address. This is the address used for any EggXpert related email: including forum notices, mass emails or a forgotten username/password. The private email address is never shared or publicly displayed. To share your email, use the public email address field instead. All other profile settings are optional.

What if I don’t want my name displayed in the members list?

You can set this option in your profile, and your name will no longer appear in any listings, including the listing of who is online.


What is a Forum Group?

A Forum Group is a grouping of related forums. A forum group contains 1 or more forums.

What is a Forum?

A Forum is a grouping of related threads of discussion. A forum can have 0 or more threads and 0 or more sub-forums.

What is a Thread?

A Thread is a grouping of related posts. A thread contains 1 or more posts. The first post starts the thread, and replies to the original post (OP) will update the thread statistics, such as the total reply count.

What do the Forum & Thread icons mean?

Thread Icon Legend
 Forum with posts you have not read.
 Forum with posts you have read.
 Private Forum with posts you have not read.
 Private Forum with posts you have read.
 Topic with posts you have not read.
 Topic with posts you have read.
 Popular topic with posts you have not read. A topic becomes popular after a certain number of views and posts (administrator defined).
 Popular topic with posts you have read. A topic becomes popular after a certain number of views and posts (administrator defined).
 Announcement you have not read.
 Announcement you have read.
 A pinned topic with posts you have not read. Pinned topics are displayed above other topics until they become unpinned.
 A pinned topic with posts you have read. Pinned topics are displayed above other topics until they become unpinned.
 A pinned popular topic with posts you have not read. A pinned topic with enough views or replies to become popular.
 A pinned popular topic with posts you have read. A pinned topic with enough views or replies to become popular.
 A locked topic with posts you have not read. Locked topics do not allow replies.
 A locked topic with posts you have read. Locked topics do not allow replies.

When I view a forum, why don’t I see any threads/posts?

A forum won't display any threads if no one has posted a topic yet. Also, you might need to sign in or get special permission to access a forum.

I just posted a message. How come I don’t see it?

Occasionally, there's a slight delay between posting and having it appear. Also, your post might need moderator approval depending upon how the forum is configured. After posting in a moderated forum, you'll receive a message that the post is awaiting moderation. Once approved, your post will be made official and visible. The moderators can move, edit or delete your post if necessary.

What are the different icons next to threads?

When viewing a forum, the thread icons show when there's a new post, an unread post or if a thread has become pinned - among many other states. Place your mouse cursor over these icons to see what the different status / types of threads are!

What is an Announcement?

An announcement is a thread that is always displayed at the top of a forum. The purpose of an announcement is to increase the visibility of the topic.

What is a Sticky?

A sticky/pinned topic is a regular thread that's placed above all other regular threads. A sticky topic is similar to an announcement - an announcement is displayed separate from other threads, while a sticky stays in the same section it was originally posted in.

What is a Locked Thread?

A locked thread does not allow any future replies. A thread can be locked if there's blatant rule violation or misconduct. Threads are also locked if no replies are needed; for example, the official forum rules don't require any discussion. 

Can I sort threads when I'm viewing a forum?

Threads can be sorted by Author, Replies, Views and Last Post. The default sorting for a forum is to display the newest threads first (Last Post descending). To personalize your settings, click on the Options button at the bottom of the forum. After making any changes, click "Apply."

What does the ‘XML’ icon mean?

The XML icon is linked to the forum's RSS feed. RSS lets a user subscribe to the forum's discussions using a variety of different applications.

What is the red/green icon next to a poster’s name?

This icon indicates the user’s online status. The two people icon means the user is currently active (usually within the last 15 minutes). You can hover your mouse over this icon for details regarding the user’s recent activity.

I can’t access a forum, but I know it exists!

If you're trying to access a forum that you've visited before, but now receive an "unknown forum" error, there are two likely causes: either the forum is private and requires login or special permission, or the forum has been removed.


Can I use HTML?

You can't type HTML directly into the editor. But if you're using Internet Explorer, the default editor for creating a new post is a Rich Text Editor that will automatically format posts using HTML. If you post with a non-IE browser, you can use a standard HTML textbox or BBCode for mark-ups.

What is BBCode?

BBCode is a special syntax for formatting plaintext posts.

Can I add attachments to my posts?

To post an attachment, a moderator or administrator must enable this permission for users on a forum-by-forum basis. Currently, this feature is disabled across all forums.

What are emoticons/smileys?

Emoticons - or smileys - are graphical elements that can be added within a post.  

How do I post a new topic?

When viewing a forum, find the "New Topic" button. Before you can post a new topic, make sure you're logged in. If you don't see the New Topic button, you may not have enough permissions – even after logging in – to post in the forum even though you're allowed to view it.

How do I reply to an existing post?

You can reply using either the "Reply," "Quote" or "Quick Reply" buttons that are found on every post. If you don't see these options, the thread may be locked.

How do I edit my posts?

Find the "Edit" button next to any posts you've made. Click this button to edit your post.

How do I delete my posts?

If the administrator or moderator has configured the forum or your role to allow deleting posts, you will see a "Delete" button next to new posts you have made. If a post you have made has one or more replies, it can no longer be deleted.

Why does my post have words replaced with ***?

The forums are configured to filter any profanity or unacceptable vulgarity and belittling. When word filters are enabled, the filtered words are censored with the * character.

How do I add a signature to my posts?

See "How do I add a signature to my posts?" above in the User Profile and Settings section.

How do I add an avatar to my posts?

See "What is an avatar?" and "How do I set my avatar?" above in the User Profile and Settings section.

Private Messages

What is a Private Message or PM?

A private message is a bit like an email system, but only within You can send a PM to other EggXpert users, and it will be visible only to them. No private information - such as the user's email address - is ever revealed. You can send a private message by clicking on anyone's username. When you are on their public profile, choose the "Private Message" button.

Ranking System

What is the Ranking System?

The ranking system is a hierarchy of titles depending on how many posts a user has made. A member's rank is found under his or her avatar. You can click on a person's rank to see his or her total post count.

What is the difference between Ranks and Roles/Groups?

A rank is simply a name reflecting the total number of posts you have made. A member's rank automatically changes as they post. A role/group can only be assigned by an administrator, and it can be accompanied by extra privileges and rights (for example, the user elected "Ubers").

How is the Rank hierarchy set up?

Embryo                      0-49 posts
EggXpert                   50-199 posts
Grade A EggXpert        200-399 posts
Grade AA EggXpert      400-999 posts
Golden EggXpert         1000-1999
Platinum EggXpert       2000-2999
Diamond EggXpert       3000-9999
Titanium EggXpert       10,000-19,999
Unobtanium EggXpert   20,000+

User Badges, Groups & Permissions

What are Permissions?

Permissions control what you're allowed to do while browsing EggXpert. These rights and abilities can even vary depending on where you are on the site, for some permissions (IE. polls) are forum specific as well as user specific. 

What is a Role or User Group?

A user group, also known as a role, is a grouping of common users for the purpose of assigning permissions. Roles make the job of administering and moderating the site easier since users can be assigned to roles and their permissions applied accordingly. You can recognize a user's role based on the badges that you see in their avatar; the EggXpert badges and their descriptions are listed below.

 What is an Administrator? 

 [EggXpert] mk6
An Administrator has the highest permission level within By default, an administrator has full permissions to perform any action, e.g. moderating posts, approving users, and so on. Administrators are employees of

 What is a Moderator? 

 Sidicas, Wasper, Tracer76, sparker366, root, prtuc2, PROACEX1, Penewab2007, n0lxx, MeiLing, ladytekki, Kardon, IronMan77, GmsCool, computergeek485
A Moderator has the second highest permission level within By default a moderator can perform a wide variety of tasks, including approving moderated posts, moving posts, deleting posts, editing posts, or banning users. If you have a problem with a particular forum or user, the best place to start is with a moderator. Moderators belong to varying groups configured by the Administrator.
Moderators are not employees of or unless they also have a "Newegg Staff" badge.

 What does Newegg Staff mean? 

The Newegg Staff badge is only given to employees of
A Newegg Staff badge does not represent any special permissions within, but will be given to actual Newegg/EggXpert employees so they can be distinguished from other community members.

 What is an Uber?

thebluemeanie1, products, HOGHAULER, Wasper
The Uber role is bestowed upon specific users, selected for their helpfulness and dedication to EggXpert. These members have shown great support, technical expertise and interest in helping fellow members, and overall have left a positive imprint on the community. They have also contributed enough to earn our respect and trust, and have therefore been granted additional permissions to edit posts, mark threads as resolved, lock threads, etc.
Ubers are not employees of or

 What is a Chat Mod?

 CheapAsianGamerGuy, Swaydude
The Chat Mod role is given to users who have moderation rights within the EggXpert Chat Room only. They have the ability to kick abusive users from the chat room, and help to enforce the chat room rules. Chat Room Moderators' names will be in bold type in the chat room user list.
Chat Mods are not employees of or

 What is a Founding Member? 

A Founding Member has normal user permissions within The Founding Member badge indicates that the user was one of the first 20,000 members to sign up with when it launched in 2007. They were given this insignia in appreciation for being the first founding members.

 What is a Selectee? 

Selectees are able to access specific forums that contain controversial material, which are unavailable to the average user. To acquire this role, members must have 30+ posts and need to send a private message to an mk6, requesting access. This role is intended only for those who are not easily offended by religion and politics.

 What is "The Venny"? 

A Venny is a special badge awarded to members for humorous and/or witty posts in the forums. Venny winners are chosen on a yearly basis by GmsCool, who wears the "Venny Master" badge. When new Venny winners are chosen, the badge is passed on from the Venny winners of the previous month.