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Suggest a graphics card for ACER ASPIRE slim desktop?

So I currently have an acer aspire desktop. it's a slim build. here are the specs: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4170 CPU @ 3.70GHzManufacturer IntelSpeed 3.7 GHzNumber of Cores 2Video Card Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400Manufacturer IntelChipset Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400Dedicated Memory 112.5 MBTotal Memory 2.0 G......

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You need to list the exact model number of the PC or post a link to the exact one you bought.

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The GTX 950 card would be perfect. Also, I would definitely add more RAM (no need to go over 8 GB and 4 or 6 would probably be enough unless you multi-task a lot).  The GTX 950 is in a real "sweet spot" of price and performance and has low power requirements.

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Without knowing the model number of the Acer Aspire desktop it is hard to advise you.  Pretty decent CPU BTW.  I would consider uping your RAM to 8GB if the model number supports it.

With a "slim" you will most likely need a low profile card, limiting your choices. And the ability to vent heat from the added GPU will be greatly reduced in that kind of case.

You will almost certainly have a low output power supply, further limiting choices.

This is probably the best suggested you can safely use without knowing more information:

Max. 64W (5.33A) on the +12V rail.   Passmark benchmark = 1,570 (3x improvement)
Intel HD 4400 graphics = 547 Passmark benchmark

This is the best you can likely use but can produce more heat compared to lesser GPU cards.  Notice the fans stick out past the slot width; depending upon your MB and case layout this can be a space and cooling issue.

Max. 60W (5A) on the +12V rail.   Passmark  benchmark = 3,687 (almost 7X improvement)

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I have an Acer Aspire X3950 desktop (it has a slim case, its not a laptop) and I am looking for a high quality graphics card that is low-profile. 

I currently have a Intel HD Graphic card, but it doesn't have enough dedicated video ram for my games (one of them is Sims 3 and expansions) 

So ill need a graphics card that is suitable for HD gaming firstpremiercard login.
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