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Building Gaming PC - please rate my parts list

Hey girls and guys, My son (15) wants to build his own gaming/school pc. We looked at some of the other part lists and comments and came up with the parts list below. What are your thoughts? Thanks for taking the time!...

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The Phanteks Enthoo Primo is designed as a watercooling case, much the same way the Corsair 900D is. It is a bit of a waste to stick an AIO cooler in there. If you want something with good airflow that doesn't cost a premium then look at something like the Corsair 540 official site.
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Get a better power supply, i would also upgrade to the latest hardware. You have no case listed.

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OK, i would rate this pc a 7/10. I would get windows from and would change the mobo since you dont really need that kind of motherboard. Unless you are willing to upgrade in the future  stay witht hat mobo. I would have to also recomment getting a better psu. Maby a 750 would do wonders.

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