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First Gaming PC Build

Hey guys! I am looking forward to building my first gaming computer! However, I do not know what power supply to get. I added a 500W psu to the cart but I don't know if it will have enough power for the whole system. Also, if my motherboard does not have WiFi or Bluetooth do I just buy dongles? Do i have enoug......

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Buy a better power supply the B1 series are rather poor.,qYTrxr,DPCwrH

I would also change the CPU cooler this one has a bit better performance for about the same price with no memory clearance issues.

I would also use 140mm fans their quitter and the case will fit some.

The board has no wifi so if you need it you will need to add a wifi card.

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Hi romo,

Glad you are joining the PC Gaming/Building community! Welcome.

A 500W PSU is enough for your build, but I would suggest a different model just as zerk2012 suggested. I personally go with Corsair PSU's in almost every build. I'd recommend bumping up to the Corsair CX550M. Good build quality, 50 more watts, and it's semi-modular. Plus they have a 5 year warranty and Corsair is really good about their warranties!

And like CheapAsianGamerGuy mentioned, an SSD would be a good choice. Even just a 60GB model just for your OS and main apps. They make a huge difference when it comes to boot times and normal use case scenarios. Then just use the 1TB for games and file storage.

Other than those things, it looks like a good build!  Have you picked out a case yet?

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