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Boot from NVMe Compatible X99 Mobo?

I recently purchased an ASRock Taichi motherboard for my build and about 1 out of 20 time it will recognize my Samsung 960 Evo m.2 NVMe drive. I RMA'd for a replacement with the same issue so I am now in the process of returning it. Can anyone recommend a motherboard that is know compatible with my NVMe drive ......

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Seems like this is not an infrequent ASRock issue, or at least NVMe in general.  A few suggestions in those threads

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The Asus website shows how to install an NVMe raid into a Maximus IX (which is LGA1151). I'm going to get the Strix and I'm possibly planning on an NVMe raid so I hope it works on that board. They have a number of LGA2011 boards. My hope is that if one current board is NVMe savvy then all the current boards will be.

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