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enough fans? Y'all. im planing on building a wooden PC desk but in the style of a red harbinger cross desk. Now I'm sure i don't have every single little detailed part in the above parts list but i am wondering if i have enough fans for the build for adequate system cooling si......

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OK first build.

Several things are wrong, needs improving, or a bit more thinking.

1. The processor that one is 5 years old already and had fairly bad performance 5 years ago.

2. You have no power supply a UPS is not a power supply it's made for if you loose power to your house it gives you a few minutes to save everything and shut down the PC.

3 Overkill on the fans 3 would work 2 blowing air in and 1 sucking it out the other side. You could go with 3 in and 2 out if you wish just needing one of the fan controllers. I would also think about a way to add air filters to the intake fans to help keep the dust out.

4. Not a very good drive setup that 5TB USB drive is going to be very slow. I also don't like using a single 1TB SSD I had rather split that up depending on exactly what the PC will be used for. Since your making a slot for your disc drive make another for a docking station then you can use the SATA ports for regular speed on the drive. (another option is buy a hard drive bay and put inside for hard drives and use the docking station for backups)

5. Front I/O panel to turn the PC on and have the other functions. (this needs to be fairly close to the motherboard for the cables to reach) You could also get this from #7 below.

6. 2 Low end video cards not a very good ideal get 1 good single card.

7. Your also probably going to need some motherboard stand offs to mount the board to. (I rather have it away from the wood just a bit instead of just screwed down to it) (you could also need a cutout in the wood for the CPU cooler back plate. The best option for this might be buy a cheap case that the board will fit and cut the side mounting for the board out of it and use that with the standoffs

8. I see no need for 2 disc drives.

9. Buy a WIFI card with a antenna that has a cable on it so you can move it higher. If your keeping this at your house a direct line is best if that is not possible then look at the power line adapters. You would need to answer that to get a recommendation.

The games part is easy the rest will depend on what work/future career programs your using. (by games running you are talking about video games right) Just so you know running games and using work programs are usually performance killers.

Don't take anything the wrong way just pointing out a few things.

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