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Will motherboard fit & which other parts should I get?

Hello. I want to take most of the parts from my old Gateway Small Form Factor pc (sx2380)  & put em into a larger case. Its an older pc but I'd like to get a bit more use out of it before moving on to a new one. Not looking to run anything on ultra ( Probably not gonna happen with my dinosaur PC) but ......

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That indicates that your current MB is a has a Form Factor:  DTX.

The case you linked supports Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX.

DTX is a derivation of ATX, but that doesn't mean the mounts will be in the same place.

Using NewEgg's PowerSearch feature, I only found one case that says it supports DTX explicity.  -;Subcategory=7&N=100007583%20600483949&IsNodeId=1&IsPowerSearch=1

It is possible that someone who knows more than I do will state that DTX motherboards will fit into more form factors without special adapters, but I don't know that.

Since the current motherboard is a DTX, without more research on options, I'd look for case that explicity supports DTX.

Out of curosity, why are you looking to upgrade the case right now?  Why not wait on the case until you're ready to upgrade the motherboard/cpu/ram so you get a case you know works with that combination?  If you buy a case that supports DTX, your options will be limited and it may end up being not quite the case you want for future upgrades.

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