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nVidia 1080 TI enough or need new build?

Hi, I have a gaming pc that built in 2012 -- I realize it's getting on 5 years old now. It has: 1) 16 GB Ram (DDR3 1866 SDRAM)2) Intel Core i7-2600k (3.4GHZ - 3.8Ghz Turbo boost / LGA 1155) CPU3) Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 motherboard4) AMD 7870 Video Card Now I realize that the real bottleneck is the AMD 7870 vi......

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If you want to game in 4K I assume you bought a new monitor that is 4K already or is that something you are thinking about adding?  I only ask because if you have enough money to get one of those you probably have enough money to get a current generation PC CPU and MOBO.  

That said I game on a i7-4770K with 16 GB of 1866 and a 1070

I currently play all games on max or near max with as much AA as I can do as my screen is a older 1080p screen.  I say give it a try and if you find the CPU is holding you back to much then spend the extra 800 or so.

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General consensus over there - the 2600k won't really bottleneck you in games where moving up to a GTX1080 or 1080ti will help you.  Games tend to be CPU heavy or GPU heavy.  If the GPU is limiting the game, then as long as you have a solid enough CPU, you should see signficant improvements.  If the CPU is limiting the game, then a GPU's impact will be more limited.

That being said - you can also buy the 1080ti now and build a new machine later and move the 1080ti over to the new machine.

The question really becomes is it better to buy a 1060 or something like that (or even a 1070) and put the rest of the cost of a 1080ti into a new CPU/MB/RAM/OS...

Dunno - But a 1070 should handle 1440p, a 1080ti for 1440p is probably overkill.

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it looks like 1060 would be perfect for you. For sure no need more than 1070 for 2600k CPU. Even if CPU is overclocked. Otherwise if you choose to go with 1080 then CPU will be bottlenecking in games.
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"Depends on the Game", but for pure graphics heave DX11 and upcoming DX12 games, the 1080ti is enough and will get you by, especially if you offload the Physics / PhysX processing to the GPU. There's no compelling reason to upgrade to a current generation i7 unless you are either benchmarking or doing truly CPU intensive processes (Video compression, Photoshop/Animation/Rendering).

When I hear people discuss "CPU bottlenecking" it's generally folks who read a lot of system stats and benchmark a lot but don't actually do much "teching" personally or professionally...

A big clue is a inability to define what "cpu bottlenecking" is.

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Gaming-wise, the CPU won't be the bottleneck, even with 1080ti.

In fact, the CPU is probably an overkill for most gaming purpose...

Go for 1080ti if you get the budget, it's a great card and left you with space for later upgrade (4k display, per se). There is no need to upgrade CPU or motherboard to match it.

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