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i7 or i5

Hey everyone,

So i'm trying to decide whether to buy an i7 7600k with a Msi gtx 1060 or buy an i5 7600k with an Msi gtx 1070? I'm on a budget so I have to decide between those two options. I'm building this for gaming and high-level programming. Thanks!

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you can go with i5
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Hi kilakal,

I'd probably opt for the i5-7600k with a 1070 for the extra gaming horsepower over the 1060 as the i7-7700k won't give you as big of a boost compared to the GPU bump.  You can just overclock the i5 to get a bit more performance out of it. And don't forget to get enough RAM for your programming needs as well as an SSD!

Hope this helps.

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I'd also choose i5-7600k with an Msi gtx 1070. You may just find the cheapest variant on Ebay. Some websites allow to get bonuses for the college ideas on technological devices (like college students making money).

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What's your use case? Do you use apps or play games that are more cpu intensive? Or is pure gaming performance your goal?

If apps is the goal, then better CPU  / weaker GPU.

If pure FPS gaming is the goal, better GPU / weaker CPU.

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I'll put my vote on i5. you can read this about the fact that everything so quickly does not mean better. You can make the overclocking of i5 according to this instruction, or take it here and I'm sure that you will be satisfied.
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