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Ram upgrade help

Asrock fm2a88x extreme 6+ motherboard Im trying to add 4 ram i just purchased to it but it doesnt seem to be working. I used a pny set of ram and 2 of the other ram and it works fine. However, when i use all 4 of the same ram it doesnt seem to function. Also, the set of two of each work fin on their own. What can ...

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I think there will be a fixed limit of number of RAMs that can be added to a motherboard. So you must contact the support service to get the genuine details regarding your system. This problem can be easily fixed with your support team. 

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What does the MB manual say about the slots?  Typically you'll have to put the 2 PNY in the slots that correspond with each other and the 2 other ones in the other. iirc they're usually slots 1+3 and 2+4, but they're also usually color coded, so check the manual as to which 2 go together with each other.

Other than that, there can be trouble when adding RAM even when it's the same model, purchased years apart.  

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i think it won't support your device better replace it 

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As for the number of rams you can use at a time, I am sure there is a limit to it and you can't use (check with the concerned people on the number of rams allowed).

Ideally 2 PNY can be fixed in the slots. . Check to see whether the slots 1+3 and 2+4 are color coded or not. 

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