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Feel a bit uncomfortable even posting because have studied this forum as a "lurker" for the last couple months and learned much, finally settling on a build. You guys and gals that are so helpful to so many do not really need another request - but I am still insecure. Now I do not know if that adjective ...

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Try that one.

This site does decent for the total watts just pick all the parts example on your build 235. Of course you need a bigger PSU than that I like to figure running one in the 65/70% area and you might get a bit bigger for future upgrades. A few more watts is not bad but to little is bad.

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I would definitely go with the larger SSD and wouldn't worry about the M.2 drive. A 2.5" drive is just so much easier it's also cheaper so you can buy a drive twice the size for only a small increase in cost and you would never really notice a speed difference unless you're measuring it with software but on a human perception level you really wouldn't notice it. And if you're thinking you'll be doing some gaming in the future you need to know that most of the good games these days are 40-60GB or more so they'll eat up a 256GB drive awefully quickly. You really do want at least 500GB. Windows and your other software like office etc will take at least 80GB over time because windows keeps adding updates and you can't delete even the old updates from winsxs and the like so it keeps on growing in size if you don't want to keep reinstalling Windows.

I would go with a more powerful PSU though. The PSU is often relegated as secondary importance because it's not sexy like the other components but it's really the bedrock of a stable system (I mean it's running everything) Getting a better PSU will futureproof your system in case you want to do that gaming and even if you decide to add a second GPU when you do that and any other additions you may make in the future. This one is 750W is the same price and carries a ten year warranty. It's also rated highly on all it's reviews. I've got a 1000W Platinum and EVGA definitely stands behind their products. Personally I wouldn't get micro ATX board but to each his own. It's just easier to work if you're not so cramped. I just noticed the date of your request for help and you've probably already done your build but I think I'll post this anyway since I've gone to the effort maybe it can help someone else in the future. Cheers.

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That power supply is much cheaper than that and good quality I have the 650 Watt model. (the 450 watt model would do fine for what you have listed)

I would skip the M.2 drive and spend about 25 bucks more for double the space. Unless your doing a bunch of file transfers or using it as a scratch drive you will never notice the speed difference. (about a 0.5 second faster boot time with the M.2 drive)

Not sure how much the promo code reduces the cost.;nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-PCPartPicker,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

For the video card you can get a GTX 1050ti for a very similar price with about a 20% performance increase.

This is a good cooler for 20 bucks will keep the temps down and be quitter.

The M on the board is for micro ATX its a bit shorter with less PCI-E slots.

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Concur with others I would run with Nvidia GPU as well. 460 is extremely best value for the money from AMD yet Geforce 1050 is best blast from the buck from Nvidia following by 1050 Ti. I truly think Geforce makes higher quality cards. The overall population refers to current capacities and the possibility to tweak the home all through the advancement technique as the zenith explanations behind yearning for a fresh out of the box new build. Buy Dissertation
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I would suggest a gtx 1050 ti instead of the RX460.
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You could save at least 100 bucks on this build. And if you choose to give AMD Ryzen a chance then you would have 20% more powerful CPU for  same price when you include evo 212 cooler that for sure would be quieter than your 7500 cooler.

Agree with others I would go with Nvidia GPU too. 460 is really best bang for the buck from AMD but Geforce 1050 is best bang from the buck from Nvidia following by 1050 Ti. I really think Geforce makes higher quality cards.
Here is best value cards and prices.

And here is video how you can get windows for 20$ if you choose to go this route.

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