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Did the forums change?

How does everyone like the new layout?

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It seems they've gone from barely functional to completely unusable.
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The layout will take some getting use to.
It can't be worse than the last crap where you would be answering and ready to post but it had logged you out and everything was gone so from their I just left it unanswered.
It would be nice to actually have a moderator to delete spam crap also.
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I'm finding it greatly frustrating.

I was in a thread I 'answered' (I was actually trying to just reply to get more info) and then I was locked from adding additional posts.  It wasn't until I deleted my clarification post that I could get a full post entry box again.

I could 'reply' to other comments, but at a 500 character limit, that's not very useful.

Also, the listing of items is a definite step back.  It takes a significant amount more work to look at recent posts.

The old forum system had issues.  This feels much more like a comment thread at the bottom of blog article shoe-horned into a 'full' forum.

Now, not knowing all the factors that went into the change, cost-related, etc, this might have been the best of the options available, but right now it feels like a frustrating step backwards.

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changed????  does a bear crap in the woods? wtf hav they done to wat was once eggxpert, layout, more like toss a bunch of stuff up in the air n see where it falls, i ain't been on here in a long while as newegg let this site go to crap, but this, this,,, wtf is this,  no more chat room? or is that hidden somewhere 2

i am not impressed, y'all hav a great time if u can

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