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What is your suggestion?

Hi, I’m graduating from a console gaming into PC gaming, and I need your expert wisdom please. What I have right now is: 8GB of RAM, CPU Intel i7-2600K @3.40 GHz, Video card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 440, Motherboard: Intel Media DZ77SL-50K, 1TB of Raptor HD, and on board audio. I have a budget of $1,200, what is ...

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The one that you're already looking at can run most modern PC games on high settings and have great FPS. 

What you had before would probably not run much of any game that was released in 2010 or later. If you're familiar with custom PCs you could take the 1TB out of your old PC and save that for something later on. Only recommendation I would say is buy an SSD, maybe about ~250gb or so to put all your games you want to run on there, so it'll be the fastest setup.

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Are you looking only at pre-builts or are you looking at building your own rig?
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Given how much has changed in the short time since your i7-2600K was cutting edge I would suggest building or buying new.
What res monitor are you going to use?  That will help determine the GPU you should design your system around.
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If your just going for gaming, look for an I5 Combo kit. They come with a I5-6600 or 7600 Processor and an ASUS ROG board and 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. They run around 500$ however if you want to mingle around you may get a bit cheaper. Get water cooled heat sink. the H60 is I believe 59.99. Keeps your Processor cool at 31C idle and around 43C under load. Get a 1060 GB or even a 3GB if will be doing 1080P gaming. If you plan for 4K then get a 1070 or a 1080. But for 1080P 1060 6GB will be enough. Find a Decent Case, I went with a DIY Case for 50$ and just put everything together. for PSU get a Silver or Gold Class PSU around 700 Watts, because you may want more performance later on. Do a 1TB HDD and a 500 GB SSD from Samsung, there EVO line is really awesome. Have your OS run on the SSD and all games, and keep the 1TB for media and etc. All that should put you around the 1k Ring. That would give some wiggle room for maybe a new monitor if you need one, I'd go with a standard 1080P 24 Inch or maybe a little bigger.
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Sounds like you have a nice system now.  Hope you find what you are looking for.
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Aylmar has it right on this one.

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