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I need a quote for an R710/720 server

I need a quote for an R710/720 server with the following specifications:Dell R710/720 Server HDD 600GB 15K 6GBPS SAS seawater P/N W3Model: ST3600057SS.  config code: 1342WWN: 5000C5004CD5AB28Rated: +5V 0.9A + 12V1.0AFW ES65Manufacturer: Dell Computer CorporationCan someone please advise ...

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Bola, should be able to help you with a custom build. 
The sales phone number is (888) 482-6678


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Newegg is not a VAR. They will not generate custom built to order quotes.

They only resell prepacakged systems.

I suggest you go here and find something comparable.

Newegg is a set-piece Volume Reseller, they sell prebuilt systems of individual components.

The services you are looking for are provided by a Value-Added Reseller (VAR), that specializes in bundling added services (like custom built server quotations, additional hardware and software configuration, and additional consulting services) into their quotation services. Generally VAR's require that you start a customer relationship engagement (sometimes requiring a company credit check) before they will do quotes for you.

But you might try CDW or Ingram Micro to see if they will do a custom server quote for you for free.

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What is a VAR? I have zero knowledge about this things, so I am looking for any and all kinds of help with this project 

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