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Obtain Windows operating system

Hi All, I got a blue screen and now my system is saying that I have 0 instances of windows on my machine.  Does anyone know how to get the OS i paid for with my purchase (disk, USB or other)?Thanks!...

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Did you buy a system with Windows bundled with it? If so you will have a sticker with a cd-key somewhere on the outside of your system.

Simply download a install .ISO file from Microsoft appropriate to your Windows edition (Home, Pro, etc), and using ISO 2 USB, make a boot USB drive. Then boot from the boot USB drive you just made and install Windows, and use the CD-Key printed on the side of your system on the sticker.

If you don't have any such sticker, then you will have to contact Customer Service for your system manufacturer.

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well if it's windows 10 (not sure about other versions), the activation key is linked to your email, so the moment you enter it, windows is activated



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Hello, if you are a windows 10 user then download windows setting and use this amazing website in your windows 10 device its really to work in all windows settings arrange your device. 
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Hello use this weblink
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Thanks GamerGuy, I was able to reinstall windows without a key.  I think the BOIS keeps that information somewhere and automatically recognized the key.
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