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Looking to see if these components are compatible?

Hello, I am new to building my own PC and am looking for some advise on if these items are compatible. If you have any advise or feedback that would be appreciated. Here is the list of components I am looking at:[[Image]]LG Internal 24x Super Multi with M-DISC Support SATA Model GH24NSC0BStandard Return Policy[[Im......

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If I did the math right this would give you the same performance but add a SSD for your operating system and programs it will make the boot time much quicker and more responsive. Also a aftermarket CPU cooler.
Your also going to need Windows 10 not 8.1
That board will be iffy to support that processor without a BIOS upgrade and has a ton of bad reviews  (read them) The memory WILL NOT WORK needs to be DDR4 not DDR3, way overkill on the power supply. That drive also has a ton of bad reviews.
This would also be a good build and with the savings you could probably get the 6GB version of the video card it gives about a 15% performance boost and the CPU has 6 cores/12 threads.
That would come in handy if you live stream gaming or also do editing or work programs, (better case also)
If your trying to save money you could leave off the SSD if your wish (not what I would do but will still work) It will really add no gaming performance because the SSD is just for the OS and programs all Games and storage needs to be redirected to the regular hard drive.

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the intel 

Intel G3930 Kaby Lake Dual-Core 2.9 GHz LGA 1151 51W BX80677G3930 Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 610

MSI B250M PRO-VDH LGA 1151 Intel B250 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard are these compatible ,thank you 

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