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Mic works but no sound!

I have this laptop was in the middle of playing World of Warcraft, when my computer blue screen and restarted. This has happened a few times, no big deal. However, when it restarted this time, I was left without sound from any source! I have tr...

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Okay probably a file that is a configuration file is corrupt and normal uninstall doesn't fix but follow steps below.

  1. Use a different speaker set/Headphones
  2. Sound Yes/No? No=Continue

  1. Right Click Speaker Icon in right side of taskbar
  2. Choose Playback Devices
  3. Right click every item here and choose test
  4. Sound Yes/No? No=Continue
  5. Try different speakers/headphones and also different port i.e. Front I/O - Back I/O
  6. Sound Yes/No? Yes=Step 7. No= Step 1. Next section
  7. Set the speakers you want as default
  8. Reboot and your done...........


  1. Sound Yes/No? No=Continue
  2. Find manufacture of audio card/chip/motherboard
  3. Download cleaner uninstall utility for you card to remove all files 
  4. reboot into safe mode by tapping F8 key until you get the option
  5. choose safemode with networking
  6. run the clean uninstall utility you downloaded
  7. reboot
  8. reinstall original version of audio drivers from disc or site. (oldest)
  9. reboot
  10. Sound Yes/No? No=Continue
  11. Use a different speaker set/Headphones
  12. Sound Yes/No? No=Continue
  13. Download newest drivers and install
  14. Sound Yes/No? No=Continue
  15. If that doesn't work you will need to call it in for a RMA under the warranty or at least call the manufacture for further specialized help.
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which brand's laptop you are using recently?

I have solved mine just two weeks back.

what you do is right click the audio options down bottom right, click recording devices, if your mic isn't there right click in it and select show disabled devices, if it then comes up right click on the device and click ENABLE!!! 
took suprisingly long for me to find that.

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