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PC restarting, bootmng missing error, bios not recognizing ssd

Just started doing this a few days ago.PC will load up fine for a few minutes, running Windows 7.It will then freeze, restart and give bootmng is missing error.I have gone into bios when I first start it up.  It recognizes my SSD and HDD.  Windows is installed on the SDD.If I go into bios after it restar......

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Sound like the drive is dead my friend. See if the drives manufacturer has a bootable program to scan the drive with, if it drops out during the scan replace it.

You might also try removing the other HDD from the PC, if something in a SATA port dies it can bring down the entire buss and make nothing on it usable sometimes.
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It sounds like your SSD is failing. Sadly I hope you backed up everything. The reason I know this is because 

  1. age
  2. symptoms

                I suggest you put a different drive and install windows and than try to copy anything important to it from the old drive. Acronis is a great software for this.

and just to be sure try a different power cable and SATA cable

also in the bios in boot order delete everything but the SSD if it is a non booting hardware like the second hard drive. It will make your life a ton easier. Furthermore clear the bios to default settings via the pins on the motherboard if you can. than go in and edit the boot order and remove that second drive as a boot source.

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