Be polite, courteous and respectful
We are all human beings with our own thoughts and opinions. It’s OK to disagree with another user, but please be civilized and respectful in doing so.

Use the search feature before posting
If there’s already a thread about your subject, you might find your answer there. You can also post in that same thread so the relevant information can be found in one convenient location.

Post in the appropriate forum category
We’ve done our best to organize the Newegg Community forums into categories and topics that are easy to navigate. Please help us out by finding the category that is related to your post, and starting your thread in that sub-forum

Use an appropriate title for your thread
You’ll get more attention and better responses. For example: A bad topic would be “I have a question”. A good topic would be “Question about cooling for a Core i7 CPU”.

Listen to site Administrators and Moderators
Our Admins and Mods are here to help, and to keep things positive. You can identify an Admin/Mod by the Admin or Moderator badge in their avatar.

Post in English only
Our site is visited by people from around the world, but to keep things simple we prefer that all communication be in the same language. For now, we’ve decided that the language should be English.

Please Do Not:

Flame or personally attack other members
There is a fine line between disagreeing with someone, and telling someone they are a fundamentally flawed individual (or any other flavor of insult). Personal attacks are rude, and do nothing to further a point you’re trying to prove.

Post about Religion, Politics, or other controversial topics
If you are interested in debating these subjects — or if you just want to speak your mind in a less controlled environment — you can request to become a “Selectee”. For more information on the “Controversial Discussions” forum and becoming a Selectee, click here. Please note: Even in the Selectee area, the forum rules listed here still apply

Post any type of violent, obscene, or disturbing material
This rule applies text, images, video, and any other form of user-submitted material on the site. If you think the content you’re posting might offend someone, err on the side of caution and don’t post it. You can always contact an Admin/Mod first to get feedback.

If you’re still unsure, here are some examples. Violent, obscene or disturbing material includes (but is not limited to):

  • The use profanity or bigotry (this includes intentionally word-twisting or misspelling)
  • Pornography/nudity
  • Vulgar sexual references
  • Racist, sexist or generally hateful language
  • Explicit violence, blood or gore

Give links to illegal material, websites, or downloads
Regardless of what they’re called (warez, roms, torrents, iso, etc.), this is against the rules. This includes sites that contain viruses, keyloggers, malware, adware, phishing/hoaxes, hacking, bots, or any other not-yet-devised malicious content.

Steal or hijack someone else’s thread
This one is pretty straightforward — stay on topic, or create your own thread.

Argue for the sake of argument
Once you’ve said your piece in a spirited discussion, don’t continue to argue unless you’re bringing new subject matter to light. We all want to be right about what we say, but don’t post the same thing over and over just so you can have the last word.

Spam topics, tags or advertisements
You won’t get a better response if you re-post your subject under multiple forum categories. It clutters the site and makes more work for the Moderators.

Also, if you’re here representing a business, please do so in your signature only.

Create multiple accounts or impersonate others
Creating multiple accounts is not allowed. Impersonating others, especially Administrators or Moderators, is not allowed.

Create multiple post about the same build
Creating multiple post about the same build is not allowed. Hit the edit button in your original post and edit the post to reflect any changes or add a reply to the post to reflect those changes

Contact Administrators directly for Tech Support
Requests for technical assistance should be made on the Build Help/Question and/or the respected PC hardware/software forums.

Especially in thread titles. Many consider this to be the equivalent of shouting, and noone will believe you when you tell them your Caps Lock key is broken.

Bump your post
Making a single word reply post with the word Bump in it

Post any information regarding Buying/Selling/Trading
Simply put, this is a liability for the forum and our community members. We do not support buying/selling/trading of any personal and/or professional items at this time.

Post personal information
This includes e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, social security numbers, your mother’s maiden name, your first pet’s name, or any other remotely identifying information about yourself.

Post copyrighted material, or copy from other sources without citation
If you’re copying information from another website or source, do the right thing and post a link or citation. If you’re unsure if material is subject to copyright, contact the material’s author beforehand to get their permission. Most authors want to see their work distributed, but they also want to be given proper credit.

We reserve the right to change any of these rules, without notice, at any time. All members are required to follow these rules if they wish to participate in the Newegg Community Forums.