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Asus M32AD, refurb, can't see my Wi-Fi.

Mike Edit on {{'2017-11-13T03:00:42-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I bought this machine, set it up and it will see my wireless printer, and a hotspot from my phone, but can't see my home Wi-Fi. Asus tech support had me reinstall drivers a couple times and factory re...
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3 computer USB Switch?

Mikep05 Written on {{'2017-11-08T09:27:23-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I have a usb dongle, that I switch between 3 computers all day long.  Does anyone know if something is made that I could plug the Dongle in and run cables to the 3 PCs with a switch I could acti...
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Is there a mesh network that also supports USB drive support?

Tyrel Written on {{'2017-10-22T18:03:34-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I’m still extending an Apple AirPort Extreme with an Apple Airport Express due to the ability to share multiple hard drives (4), but it’s slow. So far I haven’t been able to find a mesh network that s...

Best way to extend wifi to garage?

KEVIN107 Written on {{'2017-10-18T13:44:57-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Hello,I'm wondering if anyone can suggest the best method for boosting my wifi signal from my house to my garage. My modem is on the 2nd floor of my house, but towards the back of the house - closest ......
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WiFi access

jarvisdaballer Edit on {{'2017-10-02T22:53:13-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}

I have  a gigabyte gaming pc and current only works on eiethernet I want to make it wireless but I don't know what product would work in my pc price range is 31 dollars