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I am looking for a docking station and an attachment that plays CDs/DVDs for a Dell laptop...

kscarp Edit on {{'2018-12-25T22:12:58-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
My laptop is a Dell Latitude 3000 3490 14" LCD Notebook - Intel Core i5 (8th Gen) i5-8250U Quad-core (4 Core) 1.60 GHz - 8 GB.What docking station would be compatible? What attachment to play CDs......
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None of my laptop usb ports will work

TDaleF Edit on {{'2019-01-20T08:17:45-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I have a four-month old Dell Inspirion 5570. One of the usb ports broke when I pulled out a cord, and now none of them will work, and I get a continuous "power surge on the usb port" message. I have ...
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How does the ducky zero 3108s differ from the ducky 3108s?

Mongo305 Written on {{'2018-12-26T19:26:30-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Hellothe keyboard I want to buy is a ducky 3108s on newegg:
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What is the best way to login to router dashbaord?

routerloginnet Written on {{'2018-12-13T00:20:58-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
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What can be done about having the wrong shipping address and the product is being "packaged"?

Ant Written on {{'2018-12-03T03:32:14-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I made a mistake when updating my address on my account, by NINE numbers, so the package will by delivered to someone else in my neighborhood. What can be done to change the shipping address? I placed......