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Looking to see if these components are compatible?

Bibbly Boy Edit on {{'2017-08-23T20:39:43-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Hello, I am new to building my own PC and am looking for some advise on if these items are compatible. If you have any advise or feedback that would be appreciated. Here is the list of components I am......
zerk2012 Edited on {{'2017-08-19T20:09:00-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
If I did the math right this would give you the same performance but add a SSD for your operating system and programs it will make the boot time much quicker and more responsive. Also a aftermarket C......
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Need help building very specific PC

KrisGT Edited on {{'2017-09-08T09:05:13-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I need to build a cheap PC for my work, doesn't need an OS and can be a PC or server motherboard... The PC needs to be bare bone and has to be able to work with all of the DDR4 options listed below (N......
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Compability between this motherboard and ram sticks

GoldenCanary Edit on {{'2017-08-28T23:23:38-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I was wondering if this ram stick https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233829&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-PCPartPicker,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp......
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Dell XPS8700 Intel Z87 Chipset--Need compatible RAM DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz

R9 Edit on {{'2017-08-20T10:35:08-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I purchased the Corsair Platinum 2X8GB (16GB total) RAM. I removed my existing RAM from my system, and installed the new Corsair RAM in the same slots. I cannot get the computer to boot with this RAM.......
zerk2012 Written on {{'2017-08-20T10:35:08-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Try resetting CMOS with the new memory.Crucial will guarantee compatibility if you buy from them.http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/compatible-upgrade-for/Dell/xps-8700...
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Determining and finding compatible RAM upgrade for my laptop

JFP Edit on {{'2017-08-20T10:30:06-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Hello All,I have a a samsung 4gb ram module installed on my laptop, model #M471B5173Qh0-Yk0 . I am trying to determine what 8gb modules would be compatible so I can bump the ram to 12gb without having......
zerk2012 Written on {{'2017-08-20T10:30:06-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Use the system scanner here.http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/systemscanner...