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What components do I need to build a 50 client network for gaming?

Gremlin392 Edit on {{'2018-12-20T12:00:20-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I am trying to get some standards of practice for building a small high speed network for playing a mixture of pc and console games.Criteria: Firewall (hardware or software?)Router Switch/es......
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HDMI Multi Out

tocho Edit on {{'2018-10-22T05:09:30-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
i'm looking for a way to take a 1080p or 4k video signal supplied by an hdmi cable (playstation, switch, or xbox) and split the signal so that the left/right or top/bottom  each appear on a diffe......
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sgrauto Edit on {{'2018-09-29T23:56:23-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
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Can I use a USB splitter to have sound on both my xbox 360 and computer at the same time?

Apple Edit on {{'2018-09-29T06:38:30-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
I have an Xbox 360 and my Windows 10 PC plugged into the same monitor and I wanted to know if I could use a 1 male and 2 female USB splitter with my HyperX USB headphones on my Xbox and PC at the same...
Written on {{'2018-09-29T06:38:30-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
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You need to put a damper in your opponent's game

mmotanknba Edit on {{'2018-09-04T07:12:33-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
You need to put a NBA 2K18 MT Coins damper in your opponent's game when you're playing defense.Force opposing players into an uncomfortable zone.Be aggressive in the moves you execute your moves. Do n......
Vicke198 Written on {{'2018-09-04T07:12:33-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
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