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What movie(s) did you watch over the weekend?

Freezrburn Edited on {{'2018-11-28T03:18:16-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}

I watched Down Periscope and Spawn.  I love Down Periscope and well, I hadn't seen Spawn since shortly after it was released to video and now I'm realizing why.

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Video editing PC build

Alfano Edit on {{'2018-12-12T03:22:23-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Hello I'm new to the PC building things so I need some help. I'm looking to build a PC that I can edit videos/photos on p!at a few games and other regular computer things. Any suggestions.
mob67 Written on {{'2018-06-02T00:00:26-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
You might even use the application on MAC apparatus. Based in your own pick can watch any picture, sequential and maybe even TV-channel too. This will supply you with more merriment whilst seeing your......
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Ram upgrade help

Galacticx Edit on {{'2018-12-09T23:14:36-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Asrock fm2a88x extreme 6+ motherboard Im trying to add 4 ram i just purchased to it but it doesnt seem to be working. I used a pny set of ram and 2 of the other ram and it works fine. However, when i ...
capulet Written on {{'2018-08-28T23:37:18-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Your mainboard specifications:- Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Technology- 4 x DDR3 DIMM Slots- Supports DDR3 2600+(OC)*/2400(OC)/2133/1866/1600/1333/1066 non-ECC, un-buffered memory- Max. capacity of syste......
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Scariest Movie

villa11 Edited on {{'2018-11-28T04:21:59-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Alright, its almost Halloween so lets throw out some scary movie ideas for these next couple days. [:|] I myself am a Halloween the movie junky... something about that lil music they play :(...
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Computer freezing under load

tazew Edit on {{'2018-12-12T03:48:45-08:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
Hello! Recently I built a computer with these specs: I seem to be having an issue where when my computer is under load, it freezes up and I have to press the reset ......
John Blackie Written on {{'2018-09-13T20:00:17-07:00' | moment:'fromNow'}}
It's the software fault. Try installing nova launcher cracked...